Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goals and Aspirations

Micah says he wants to be an olympic diver. He says anthing is possible. I believe him, but I'm also wary about whether he can get ready for London 2012. Especially with his rigorous ice skating training (Claire just won't let him slack off on that). But he practiced today on his bed, and his toe point really is pretty good. He also has a pretty good tuck, despite not having stretched since June. That little 14 year old British diving sensation just better watch out. Judging from the above picture (disclaimer: it may or may not be Micah), what scores would you give Micah?


micah e. said...

Tens all around.

And the picture is not me. My legs are much whiter.

Melanie said...

So he's training not only for a winter Olympics with ice skating, but the summer Olympics too? He's quite the ambitious one!

In order to appropriately score the dive I would have to know the level of difficulty. It does appear, however, that the legs are slightly separated. Deduct three tenths of a point.

PS: Did you hear about the Cuban tae kwon do guy who kicked a ref in the head and is now banned for life from any and all international competitions? Yeah, don't do that.

Gretchen said...

I give him a 10 for hairy legs. A 10 for ambition. But only a 3 for execution - those legs aren't even straight!

But you should bring him to Taco Sundae Sunday so we can do some real-life judging!!!

Camie said...

I give him a big fat 0 for wearing tacky shorts. However, I did witness the toe point in person last night and I must say it was impressive. Lose the shorts and I'll give it a 9.

April said...

Is Camie saying that if you take OFF your shorts she'll only give you a 9?? She's really raised her standards!