Friday, April 25, 2008

Flames On The Side Of My Face

I had a dream the other night. I was in an old mansion like on the movie Clue, and I was trying to hide from a fire-breathing dragon. The dragon was only a little taller than me, and I wasn't too scared, but I still didn't want to get torched. So I went into a room to hide. I noticed that the room had a table saw in it. I looked around for something to better disguise my hiding place, and found a small, open box of wood. I threw the box over by the door, which now had an open window in it, hoping that the smell of the wood would confuse the dragon and keep him (or her) from smelling me. I was so relieved with this plan. Right before I woke up, the dragon poked its head in through the window in the door and started sniffing.

I have 4 comments on this story:

1) Dreaming about fire-breathing dragons that are only as big as you are is funny.
2) I hid in a wood workshop from a fire-breathing dragon. I walked into a tinder box ready to go up in flames.
3) At least I had the foresight to masterfully confuse the dragon with the scent of the wood by tossing the box by the door and standing lamely over in the other corner, thinking I had done enough.
4) I think the dragon is my exams, and the scent decoy is my poor preparation for them.