Monday, January 28, 2008

Not Apathetic, Just Not Interested

The shuttle this morning was packed with Obama fans. Obama is speaking at AU today. I went to the main campus to get a book at the bookstore. As I walked down to the law school, I saw the long line of people waiting to get in. The security guards forced me to walk down a different sidewalk, and areas were roped off. The line went from the Bender Arena, up the hill, around the corner, down Massachusetts Ave., past the Seminary, around the corner, and into the neighborhood.

I would like to attend and see and hear Obama. I would like to be part of the event. But what I find myself fascinated by is not Obama or what he'll discuss. What fascinates me is the phenomena surrounding the event: the people, the security, the line. I want to know the issues and have opinions about policies and positions, but what I really like is observing the craziness that accompanies it.

I overheard some women on the shuttle. They discussed all kinds of political issues. They laughed and scoffed together as they presented sound opinions based on polls, studies, and results. Age, economics, wars, race, Bush, everything. It all is relevant, and they covered it all in the 10 minutes we had, but its not what gets me going. This town is an interesting place to live and attend school, but my passions don't quite fit what this town seems to be built on. I was more fascinated by the tacky turquoise eye shadow the one woman was wearing and the masculine laugh she had.

And then I reached my favorite spot on the walk from main campus to WCL: the modern/minimalist house that is getting a huge addition and renovation. I can't decide if I like it what they're doing to it. I mean, they're ruining the effect of the short width, tall singular gable, and simple design with the 3 flat-topped, cube additions. If they had just put gables on the additions then there would at least be a repeating pattern and uniformity. But regardless, I could ponder that far longer than what Obama has to say today.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ordinary Mediocrity

I just received all my grades from last semester. I am happy to report that I managed, through my very best average efforts, to maintain my mediocre GPA.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Team JJJ and The Core

Last night Team JJJ, 2 of the funnest people in the Land of Lovers and me, hit up the racquetball courts. I haven't seen J.L. for probably 2 months or more. It was good to laugh with her again.

I should explain the fervor for racquetball that has been burning in this area. About one year ago a small group of friends and I (The Core) started playing racquetball at the local community courts. We have played nearly every Thursday night. The courts have no heat or AC, so we freeze in the winter and sweat in the summer. The humidity often makes the court as slippery as the ice rink in the National Sculpture Garden. Yet we faithfully gather every Thursday for a friendly battle. After the matches we often watch The Office together while munching on some delicious treat. For a while, Thursday night was the only thing worth living for. Now I just really like it. The day is full of trash-talking emails, and the night is full of destroying everyone on the courts.

Sometime during all this we noticed that our racquets had names. They became our identities. Much like American Gladiators. I am Ripper. There is also Torment, Raptor, Hot Shot, Havoc, and Laser. My favorite parts include yelling "DESTROY!" every time your partner in doubles has a high shot, or Torment calling short serves "eshort."

There is much more to tell, like the few weeks the courts were closed because I complained to the park service about the urine in the courts, or the time I broke up a drug deal, but some other time. For right now I'm just glad I was able to play last night with Laser and J.L.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Mormons

A kid in my class just announced that Romney is ahead of McCain in MI, and then said, "We're all going to be Mormons by the end of the week," to me. I clasped my hands together like Mr. Burns (on the Simpsons) and said, "Yes, yes you will." But what disturbs me is that apparently I don't have The Glow. Can't he tell I'm one of Them?