Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big Apple Pie in the Sky 08

Mark already blogged about the Big Apple Pie in the Sky trip at (with the same post title), so there are two blogging witnesses that it was a great trip. The picture above was taken from the "Top of the Rock" by a security guard who apparently wanted us to take home a piece of the New York sky more than anything else. We saw "In the Heights," a new musical that won the 2008 Tony for best musical. It also won for best choreography, which was my favorite part of the show. I recommend seeing it. We also had some delicious orange juice.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Goals and Aspirations

Micah says he wants to be an olympic diver. He says anthing is possible. I believe him, but I'm also wary about whether he can get ready for London 2012. Especially with his rigorous ice skating training (Claire just won't let him slack off on that). But he practiced today on his bed, and his toe point really is pretty good. He also has a pretty good tuck, despite not having stretched since June. That little 14 year old British diving sensation just better watch out. Judging from the above picture (disclaimer: it may or may not be Micah), what scores would you give Micah?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

This Is About And For Camie

Camie. I first met her when John M. and I were frantically trying to find a place to live at the end of the summer of 2005. There were some openings in her neighbor's apartment, but they weren't home. So we went to Camie's to see what the inside was like. Camie showed us around graciously. When we started down the stairs to the basement, the fragrance of her perfume wafted to my nose, and I couldn't help myself; I told her she smelled good. I like to think that that is why we've been friends since.

In the few months that Camie and I were neighbor-friends, she often gave me rides to the Metro on her way to work. These were precious moments, people. We'd talk about her work, and that's all I remember talking about. But I remember dreading coming to the Metro stop and forcing myself to get out. We probably started calling her car The Black Beauty around this time.

One time Camie, Anna, and I went to a movie, and when we came out we saw that The Black Beauty had a flat tire (or was it Anna's car?). Even though Camie was wearing pointy boots and a fancy, soft, smooth coat, we changed that tire in around 3.5 minutes. It was the most efficient tire change outside professional racing.

Camie and I have a standing, annual date: her work Christmas party. There was the year her drunk co-worker humped my leg, which was also the year I forced that guy to proclaim his sexual orientation to the group, the year that neither of us knew anybody but the crepes were so good, and the year that the gay, turquoise and pink suit wearing man brought a pretend girlfriend.

Camie has given me furniture, taken me to dinner, invited me to parties, picked me up from the airport, and helped me feel good about myself. The only thing I've done for her is help her move once, and she fed us McDonald's. In return for all her kindness, I will attempt to respond to her tag:

10 years ago I was following Camie's footsteps at CHS as a senior. I didn't know it at the time, but I think the special feeling I felt in those halls everyday was Camie's influence.

Today I need to study for the bar. And everyday until July 29. I also need to make home teaching changes, revise my resume, write a cover letter, and make sure there are enough elders to help a girl move on Saturday.

Snacks: chips and salsa. Especially black bean and corn salsa. I love salt.

If I were a billionaire I would pay off all my student loans and my truck. Then I would buy a place in the city. Then I would replace all the clothes I've been wearing for years. Then I would save the rest since I don't have a job. Maybe I'd buy Camie a present.

At this point in my life, I would live in NYC, DC, Chicago, San Francisco, Tokyo, or London.

Jobs I've had: piano teacher, grunt at a nursery, reading tutor, MTC teacher, summer associate at a hospitality corporation, intern with the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission's Montgomery County Planning Board's Legal Counsel.

There you go, Camie.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Neighbor-Friends and Ho Goods

Preparing for the bar stinks, people.

Camie, at, blogged about how great (and rare) it is for neighbors to be friends. Well my neighbor J-LLoyd, my roommates, and I have become great neighbor-friends. Each Sunday we have Boyz Brunch, and it is delicious every time. That may currently be my favorite part of the week.

On Saturday night, Nikki, April, J-LLoyd, and I went to Shoppers because we needed supplies for Boyz Brunch and munchies for our movie. I like Shoppers, even though they cater to a section of the population of which I am not a part, because they play nothing but the best music, and I literally sing out loud for most of the time I'm there. The store next to Shoppers is Home Goods. As we pulled into the parking lot, the stars aligned and I noticed that the "M" and the "E" on the sign were not lit, making the store the perfect place for all your prostitution needs. We took several pictures below the sign, in poses that suggested promiscuity, but my favorite was with April, leaning back against the brick, one hand behind her head, and the other hand holding her personal watermelon that she put up her dress (she looked pregnant). It was ho funny.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

OBX 2008

Duck Beach 2008 was the best Duck yet. I've been 3 times now, and each time I love it more. We left MD at 5 am on Saturday, and had good conversation the whole way down. Thanks, E., T., K., and A. The rest of Saturday was lounging on the beach - actually I was standing for most of the day because I kept seeing people I know. Turns out the meat market loses some of its unappealing marketness when you know (appropriately) more of the meat. Saturday night was a drum band party at V.'s house, and M & M and I had a little dance reunion, just like back in the B-Low C.

Sunday was church in Nags Head, with YSAs strewn throughout the building. M. gave a great talk. We had a healthy bocce ball tournament, and my team, Team Claire, dominated with 2 wins, one loss. The team that surprisingly beat us, Team Accuracy, only played twice, which is important to note. I ventured into the pool with M.C., and my skin hasn't even melted yet. I think we then squished the entire house into the hot tub.

Monday was all day on the beach. Several of us got up and witnessed the sunrise. It was indescribable, so I'll describe it like this: there were deep colors, vibrant colors, peace, and happiness. I played some soccer, tried to body surf, read my book, etc. Great day. Monday night was karaoke, which was as wild as sobriety can muster.

Tuesday and Wednesday were more of the beach, the lighthouse, Blizzards at DQ, movies, pool, hot tub, good conversations, etc. It was great, and I was sad to leave. I think my favorite part was sleeping outside on the deck. M. and S. joined me out there, and felt the goodness of the stars, orange moon, breeze, and sunlight at 6 am that woke us up. There is still much to report about the beach, but that's all I can think of now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Short Update, Mostly For Myself

I haven't done much the last couple of days. I started today with Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull at the Uptown with Matt C. The five days prior to Tuesday I was extremely busy with my family. We went around DC, then Gettysburg, Philadelphia, my graduation, and more of DC. My parents, siblings, and their spouses minus two came. Incredible. I've been pretty lonely since they've been gone. I have fun with each of them, and together we're awesome.

Micah E. thought it would be funny to send a message to our mutual Facebook friends to encourage them to poke me. This was a bad idea. The poke function is annoying, and the name is offensive. So I'll get him back, somehow. But thanks to all the people who thought of me enough to poke. I also appreciated G. Ridd, Jessica S., and Eric C. coming to the graduation. Oh and Micah E.

This weekend is Duck. I'm getting really excited to sleep outside under the stars, listening to the the waves and feeling the breeze. I don't know why everyone thinks I'm crazy for sleeping outside at Duck.